5 Non-Tech Activities To Do With Your Toddler

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I am a mom who is also working full time as a fashion designer, and I bring my daughter, Stella, to work with me. I am not going to lie to you she does spend time on her iPad. I was the person who said I would NEVER let my kid watch an iPad. The honest to God truth is that sometimes I need 100% of my focus, and well the iPad captures 100% of hers. 

 There are many reasons why I don’t want my daughter to have too much screen time. When she is glued to a screen, she isn’t interacting and socializing with people. She’s just in her own little world. Even if it is educational, I don’t feel great about her only interaction being with videos on a screen. My next main concern is her eyesight. Now, they are advising adults to wear blue glasses, so we can only imagine how bad it is on their developing eyes. 

 If I know Stella is going to be watching her shows, I try and keep them educational. There are so many great shows focusing in all different subjects. Stella loves anything that involves singing and dancing. 

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 I really try to limit her technology time to when we are at my studio. She enjoys sitting in her tee pee and watching her shows. Occasionally, she will watch TV while I’m making dinner. But, I really try and keep her busy and entertained with different and fun activities. So here are some of Stella’s favorites.


  1. Crafts:

She loves to do anything craft related. We love going to the dollar store and getting fun things like Pom poms, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. It teaches her to concentrate, work with her hands and be creative.

2. Draw:

She LOVES to draw! Our favorite crayons are the confetti crayons by kid made modern. They are multicolor with every line, and really fun to draw with. It’s been awesome watching her get more confident in her drawing.

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  3. Playdoh:

She loves using playdoh. We use the old school kind, but a lot of my friends who have more time on their hands than I do make a home made version, but this mama has no extra time to do that. I love that she is learning to cut with the little plastic knife, use scissors, and sculpt with her hands.

4. Bubbles:

This is by far one of the easiest but most captivating experiences. It’s also getting us outside and breathing fresh air.

5. Impromptu dance parties:

We love playing music and taking dance breaks at our studio.  All the girls who work in my studio with me dance and my little one LOVES IT! I want her to move her body and get exercise and dancing is a fun way to do it while having a great time.

I wish I could keep her completely distracted with these fun activities all the time, but the harsh reality is the iPad definitely serves its purpose. I certainly try and keep a healthy balance. I hope Stella’s favorite activities give you all some good ideas.




5 Tips To Survive A Busy Week

This week is Delray Beach Fashion Week and it is certainly going to be one of those crazy weeks. In addition, to running my business and watching my toddler we have six events in just five days, two of which I will be hosting. It is going to get a little hectic, so I wanted to share my top five tips for surviving a busy week.

Tip 1: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee


Now, when I say coffee I mean LOTS of coffee. If you know me then you know I am a coffee lover. A cup of coffee in the morning provides the perfect energy boost and when I feel that mid-day crash coffee gets me through the rest of my day. If you don't drink coffee, I don’t know how you do it, but I suggest drinking tea or even something with a little sugar.

Tip 2: Hydrate


Water is so important, especially after all that caffeine. You must stay hydrated! I actually don’t like water. I know it’s awful! If you are like me, I suggest adding some fresh berries for a little flavor. I can say the one kind of water I can drink with no problem is Lacroix water.

Tip 3: Snacks


Eating three meals a day is important, but in my opinion snacks are equally important. My daughter Stella agrees! Some good choices are carrots and humus, dried fruit, and my two favorites are dried chickpeas and Live Love Pop Popcorn. If you haven’t tried them you definitely should! I have to admit sometimes I eat my kid’s snacks! Opppsss!

Tips 4: Breathe


Stress is almost inevitable during a busy week. Breathing deeply allows you to stay focused. I like to block out a few moments during the day to take a few deep breaths, or even better get a little fresh air. A few minutes can make a huge difference. This helps reset my mind and stay focused.

Tip 5: Find That Perfect Outfit


Find a fierce outfit that you feel comfortable in. For each day of the week make a list of everything you need to accomplish. Then plan your outfit accordingly and ahead of time. This will save you lots of time! When you walk out of your door in the morning you should feel absolutely amazing and ready to tackle your day.

Busy weeks can certainly feel overwhelming. Trust me, I know! Stay organized and positive. I promise you can do it! I hope these few tips will help you survive your busy weeks!